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Con-Critters Writing Workshop

We write... or at least we love having written.

Concritters Writing Group
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We write.
...Or at least we love having written.

We want to give writers the chance to not only have fun with friends, but set for themselves realistic, attainable goals and receive constructive critiques for their efforts.

General Rules:
-This community is for original works only. Writings are assumed copyrighted by the authors and are not redistributed by the members. Please don’t post fanfiction for critique.
-If it has to do with writing or publishing, feel free to post. We expect you to use your best judgement when posting.
-All posts are moderated. We'll filter out any spam.
-All concrit request and brainstorming posts must be submitted as members-only.
-Posting a request for constructive criticism is scary shit. Be respectful of others and others’ opinions. ‘Freedom of Speech’ is not a license to be mean-spirited. We’re all friends here. We’re all here for encouragement, not negativity.
-Same rule applies to discussion posts.

Rules for Constructive Criticism
-Diplomacy Matters. Sometimes we have to break bad news to authors. Do it tactfully. See our post on concrit for more information.
-Arbitrary requests are not allowed. You must sign up to a post schedule. See our concrit post for more details.
-Must be well-intended and in-depth.
-Remember you cannot receive concrit unless you have given it yourself.

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